Let’s make a podcast

I’ve had my nose to the grindstone for the last several months, as have so many of you. My kids are home 24/7, and my husband and I are taking turns working in between preparing snacks, mediating disputes and building LEGO masterworks. It’s the new normal! (She says through gritted teeth.) I have been fortunateContinue reading “Let’s make a podcast”

LIKE A BOSS: Alana Peterson

At 34 years old, Alana Peterson has worked more than many people a decade or more her senior. In part, that’s because she started very young. Working at her artist father’s knee, she sold hand-painted wood trinkets to tourists before even turning 10 years old. But it’s not just the length of her resume, it’sContinue reading “LIKE A BOSS: Alana Peterson”

A love letter to self-employment

Self-employment, I love you, and I’m not sure why I resisted your siren song for so long. It is raining today and I’m on what I hope is the last day of a cold. I was up for an hour or so in the middle of the night after a fumbling, 1:30 a.m. sheet-and-jammie changeContinue reading “A love letter to self-employment”

LIKE A BOSS: Jesse and Sarah Holguin

Q: Tell me about your business. Jesse: What we do is self-improvement through the body. I feel like fitness is a gateway drug to improving your overall life. Having a better relationship with your body generally means taking care of it from the standpoint of nutrition and stress and sleep, etc., and people come inContinue reading “LIKE A BOSS: Jesse and Sarah Holguin”

It’s time to launch!

I’ve been working on this site for a good two months now. That might seem sort of astonishing considering how basic it is. With the abundance of simple website publishing platforms available these days, the site creation itself is pretty easy. What’s not as easy is the conceptualizing of the business that must happen beforeContinue reading “It’s time to launch!”