Let’s make a podcast

I’ve had my nose to the grindstone for the last several months, as have so many of you. My kids are home 24/7, and my husband and I are taking turns working in between preparing snacks, mediating disputes and building LEGO masterworks. It’s the new normal! (She says through gritted teeth.) I have been fortunateContinue reading “Let’s make a podcast”

Happy Anniversary, Chugach Children’s Forest!

Today I’m sharing a project I recently completed for Alaska Geographic and the Chugach National Forest to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Chugach Children’s Forest. The Chugach Children’s Forest is not a place as much as a philosophy. The vision of the program is that public lands belong to everyone, and that everyone isContinue reading “Happy Anniversary, Chugach Children’s Forest!”

A love letter to self-employment

Self-employment, I love you, and I’m not sure why I resisted your siren song for so long. It is raining today and I’m on what I hope is the last day of a cold. I was up for an hour or so in the middle of the night after a fumbling, 1:30 a.m. sheet-and-jammie changeContinue reading “A love letter to self-employment”

National days of things are played out

Today is National Bologna Day. Don’t freak out, marketers. There’s still plenty of time to shoot something for social media. A tray full of bologna sandwiches with old-school Wonderbread slices and lettuce leaves rakishly askew, and a carefully curated selection of hands reaching in to grab one? Or just reboot the National Hot Dog DayContinue reading “National days of things are played out”

Let research light the way

It’s not about you. In life, and in marketing, that can sometimes be a difficult idea to accept. We are all naturally egocentric, and that’s okay. But in order to truly connect with anyone – friends, family, customers, members, prospects – you need to see the world from their perspective. That’s why I love data.Continue reading “Let research light the way”