LIKE A BOSS: Alana Peterson

At 34 years old, Alana Peterson has worked more than many people a decade or more her senior. In part, that’s because she started very young. Working at her artist father’s knee, she sold hand-painted wood trinkets to tourists before even turning 10 years old. But it’s not just the length of her resume, it’sContinue reading “LIKE A BOSS: Alana Peterson”

LIKE A BOSS: Jesse and Sarah Holguin

Q: Tell me about your business. Jesse: What we do is self-improvement through the body. I feel like fitness is a gateway drug to improving your overall life. Having a better relationship with your body generally means taking care of it from the standpoint of nutrition and stress and sleep, etc., and people come inContinue reading “LIKE A BOSS: Jesse and Sarah Holguin”